24/09/2022 LYNX E1 – ALO E2

The second home match for the E team was against ALO. The weather was only moderately windy and occasionally rainy, so we could not complain.

The coach had asked the players to be mindful of their defending; always between the opponent and the korf when ALO would close in to score. The result was that, contrary to the previous games, LYNX could prevent many scoring opportunities for ALO. Litang opened the score in the first quarter with a very quick and smooth shot!

In the second quarter ALO were awarded a penalty shot after a defence foul, which evened the score. Later Litang was again successful for LYNX and the half-time score was 2-1.

After the break the defending continued to be solid and there were several opportunities to score for LYNX, but unfortunately no goals. ALO did manage to put one in, making it an even 2-2.

The last quarter was very exciting with both teams going for the win. With one more goal by ALO and a real beauty from the hands of Litang the final score was 3-3. Both teams could go home with a well-deserved point in the pocket!

The penalties after the match were won by LYNX 2-0. It was great to see the improvements in the game play already in these past few weeks. A nice base to build on; to be continued!





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