10/09/22 Achilles E2 – LYNX E1

After a few days with short but heavy rainfall, the weather was looking promising on the first match day of the new field season. With the recent joining of 3 new players the E1 has drastically grown, so lots of opportunity for the new members to slowly grow into matchplay. The match against Achilles was the first real test to see how well the old F players remembered what to do in a match and how quickly the new kids would catch on. The opponent was fast and seemed more experienced than LYNX, although the first 10 min were still pretty close. In the second quarter there were several instances where the opponents were faster in the switch from defense to offense and they profited by increasing their lead to 8-0.

The second half had some really good attacks and near-goals by LYNX, especially through Alan, who managed to score the only LYNX goal. Defending remained challenging throughout the match though. The final score was 14-1. In the series of 12 ‘strafworpen’ after the match Anna and Daniël both scored one, vs. a single goal for Achilles; well done!

Highlights today were the nice attacks, mainly in the second half, and of course the debut of 2 of our 3 new players! Daniel and Liara have now had their first taste of what it is like to play a match, which will help them develop during training. Next week we will put more effort in training speed and stamina, and also practice again how to defend correctly. See you on Monday!





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